Social Media

I’m not a social media expert. But I use social media for my business. There’s a few things. I use twitter for both business and personal (I have two accounts, one is private), facebook for both (again one is private), and instagram. There are a few others I use but not to any grand extent. I keep my personal stuff private for a reason. That reason is because I’ve been burned, taken advantage of, misquoted, etc. I let those who I trust in, and everyone else at an arms distance. 

I’m going to go ahead and say I don’t think using a business account to project negativity is wise. Sure I’ll make a complaint every now and then (usually about other “professionals” stealing my work), but it ends there. I don’t try to shame anyone on twitter, make rude comments, subtweet, or nag. Not only do I not approve of it on a personal level, I just think it’s bad for business. Who would want to hire me if all I did all day was rant about things on twitter. Things that have nothing to do with my business?  My work is with weddings. It’s about love and romance. Things that I’m not usually all fluffy about, but at the same time, it’s my job to support it, so I do so with an open mind. Futhermore, if I have a problem with someone or something. I go to the source and state my mind. Publicly slandering another person on the internet because you have a problem with them is never my first step. It’s not even my last step. Sure if a company has horrible customer service, and in order for them to make an effort you need to tweet at them your complaint, that’s totally understandable. 

Let me also go ahead and state that I dont think it’s wrong to complain about things from time to time. And if someone is annoying you, sure complain about them too. But maybe keep it anonymous? I’ll say something like, “Yo chick who just stole my photo and put it on your site, you probably shouldnt do that” instead of, “(someone’s full name and link to their website), you’re an awful person because you stole my photo, and hey while I’m at it, anyone who’s friends with me should now write horrible things to you online because I pointed it out.” There is a big difference there. Also, that whole bit always comes after I personally email them asking that they remove my copywrited images before I get lawyers involved… thus giving them a chance to make it right. 

I was never bullied in high school, and I never was the bully. So I also try not to be on the giving or receiving end of it online now that I’m an adult. And that’s the key word here now isnt it, “adult.” Stop acting like a child and man up. 


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