WordPress app for iPad

I’m trying out this app for the first time on my iPad to see if it works. I’m hoping it will help me to blog more. We’ll see what happens.



Working on it.

Maintaining a healthy body and exercise, along with eating well, goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy earth (what I usually blog about when I’m talking about recycling, thrifting, etc). I own a car now, but I much prefer to bike places.

Along with being a great mode of transportation, I found that I don’t ever get to go on leisure rides. I usually ride to the bank, the lab, the store, appointments, other places i need to get to, usually dodging traffic and rushing to get somewhere. I forget sometimes how nice it is to just ride as an exercise, as pleasure, for fun. Lois [link] and I have been going on bi-weekly rides. I am aware of how “bi-weekly” means both “every two weeks” and “twice a week.” I’m using it now in the “twice a week” sense of the word. I look forward to this ride every day that I’m not actually doing it. We usually do some combination of the loop (MLK drive-Kelly drive), as well as bike up to the art museum to start (about a 2 mile ride from our houses). All in all, we’re doing a minimum of 12 miles total, and takes alittle over an hour. It’s awesome. And to show how awesome it is, here are some pictures of us being awesome on our awesome bike ride.

Still in France

I cant believe its only been a week and a half. I feel like I’ve been gone for over a month! It probably has to do with the tons of exploring, biking, gardening, hiking, and standing in awesome landscape that makes me feel so far from home. We have less than a week left here at the farm, then Kim and I are off to explore/drive around france and a bit of switzerland for a few days before returning to paris for a few days.

tonight we feast on wine and chocolate, after we eat our fill of bread and cheese. Mmm, vin, pain, fromage, et chocolate. (thats french in case you didnt know).


Hey, I’m in France! I’m here working on a farm/big garden for the next few weeks and then driving around the beautiful countryside until the 25th when I return home. Pictures will be taken (and haven been already so far) and they will have nothing to do with thrifting. wooo.

The items that I carry

wallet, U-Lock, daily planner, Kiehl’s lip balm and hand salve, cell phone, sharpie, pen, keys.

These are the items that I carry with me nearly every day.  It has nothing to do with thrifting or DIY, but I felt like posting it because I think it’s visually interesting.