When someone cancels their wedding

I still have a hard time with this one. It’s only happened a few times over the past 8 years.

I feel personally invested in my clients so I am heartbroken when they break off an engagement. It’s one of the hardest things, to talk to them when they call you to tell you that it’s off. The message is still on my phone because I’ve tried calling back the past day and only got a voicemail box. I don’t want to leave a message. I want to talk to her. To let her know that I feel for her. It’s awful. I want to know that she’s ok. That she’s better off. I know I can’t ask those questions so I stay silent and supportive.

One thing is that it means I loose a day in which I would have been making a significant amount of money. It’s hard to juggle the business and personal aspects. I’ve counted on that pay, and now it’s not going to happen. It puts me in a bad spot financially. But I place myself in their shoes. The amount of money they are loosing from the break up is probably more than I can imagine. As well as the emotional toll it is taking on her and her family.

For one woman, I did her boudoir photoshoot even after she had been broken up with. The photos were no longer for her boyfriend. They were for her. I think of that when things like this happen. Is there something else I can do? Maybe I can offer a family photoshoot? Because I can’t let things go, not after I have invested in them and they in me.

I think it’s important to treat your clients, even when they are no longer your clients, how you would want to be treated. I know I can’t mend their breakup, but I can do what I can do, and maybe that will go a long way in the future. But even if it doesn’t, it’s ok. Just to know that they know I care.


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